The Northern Chumash Tribal Council (NCTC) is organized as a non-profit corporation under the guidelines of the state of California Senate Bill 18.

Our Mission

The NCTC mission is to offer a foundation for the Chumash people of San Luis Obispo County to bring our culture and heritage back to life, create dignity with the people, educate the public that the Chumash have always been here, we have not gone anywhere, and we will always be here, one continuum.  We are the Chumash of over 20,000 years of habitation in San Luis Obispo County.


The Northern Chumash Tribal Council  is involved in consultation with County and Local Governments to improve the respect for our cultural resources and to improve the quality of archaeology performed during the evaluation given to our ancestors during the decision making process for land use issues in San Luis Obispo County.   This will offer a more complete project analysis for the protection of “Cultural Places and Sacred Sites”.  NCTC is also working with the development community to assist them in the planning process so that we better understand each others’ concerns.
The Northern Chumash Tribal Council is looking at self sustainability through working within the community.   NCTC has leased land to start our organic farm.  We will be self-reliant through agriculture and businesses in the community and not from a casino.  NCTC is not looking for Federal recognition, we are not waiting for anyone to give us anything.  We understand that if we work together with common goals we will be able to achieve our vision.

Just recently, we have started to work on “The Healing Vision Project” in Avila Beach.  The Northern Chumash Tribal Council does not want a project that would include a hotel, conference center or any physical structure. Rather, the property should be preserved in its natural state and help to tell the story of the Chumash people.  We would like to have open space where we could do ceremonies; a place with park benches and a picnic area, and that would allow us to camp on solstice day.

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