CBCN meeting

CBCN General Membership Meeting

Date: February 18, 2012
Time: 10:00am

Place: Presidio Springs
721 Laguna Street
Santa Barbara Ca. 93101

Who Is Chumash?

Nearly All Chumash Aren’t Recognized by the Federal Government and Won’t Share in Those Gambling Profits


For most SLO County residents, Pilulaw Khus has long been the voice and face of the Chumash people (certainly until the recent spate of pro-gambling commercials).

She’s been active in pressing for the sanctity of Chumash burial and religious sites. She has presided over sunrise services at Earth Day events. She has spoken about the history and philosophy of her people.

Just one problem: Khus isn’t Chumash.

At least that’s what the federal government says.

Khus is one of some 5,000 people of Chumash ancestry who are denied recognition because, in part, their ancestors refused to be put on the reservation when the white people came to California.

This is the story of how that division came to be and the ongoing struggle for 98 percent of Chumash people to gain recognition, a homeland, and a say in the gambling proceeds that could soon skyrocket if voters on Tuesday approve full casino gambling on the reservation. Continue reading “Who Is Chumash?”


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