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Published: August 24, 2013

NCTC comments on State Lands Commission’s proposed updates to Offshore Geophysical Permit Program

Division of Environmental Planning & Management
California State Lands Commission
100 Howe Ave., Suite 100-South
Sacramento, CA 95825
Email:  CEQAcomments@slc.ca.gov

RE: OGPP Update Comments
Dear Mrs. Lucchesi:

The Northern Chumash Tribal Council (NCTC) is located in San Luis Obispo California, and was formed under the guidelines of California Senate Bill 18 April 26, 2006 as a California State Recognized Tribal Government by the California Native American Heritage Commission, organized and dedicated to preservation of the California Native American Chumash Culture, and Sacred Sites.  NCTC is dedicated to meaningful consulting with Federal, State, local governments and agencies, consulting with the development community, and supporting tribal community well-being.

We appreciate the opportunity to send our comments and suggestions from the 428 page MND document, the Northern Chumash Tribal Council (NCTC) has vital concerns, please find our comments following.

On page 3-196 & 197 CSLC states that there will be no impacts to cultural resources, respectfully we disagree.  In your endeavor to describe us the Chumash Nation, you understandably rely on doctrines of the established bureaucratic-scientific worlds, which accept main stream anthropological research, data and documentation as a very safe, reliable data base to incorporate as a base line of understanding and justification.  NCTC respectful disagrees with all of the conclusion and wax museum anthropology, colonial theory’s, unsubstantiated data conclusion, and completely inaccurate population and villages definitions.  We the Chumash Peoples are alive, we have always been here, we are still here, and as experts of our history through Collective Community Memory, we know who we are today, and yesterday.

NCTC believes that a balanced input of information is necessary for a more harmonious outcome when working with Native Americans, and that establishment sanctioned and approved experts and academicians often have personal agendas at odds with the view of Native people and that the voice of an individual establishment-selected tribal member cannot represent and negate all of the legitimate concerns of the descendants and present tribal representatives of our buried ancestors.

Read entire comments  CSLC MND comments 082213

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