Chumash Farms

Click on photo to see Chumash Farms Overview or Click link Chumash Farms-1pg Overview-90609

The Northern Chumash Tribal Council is working towards solutions for the future, with sustainable urban farming,  within San Luis Obispo community.

NCTC has leased land to start Chumash Farms in Los Osos, CA.

Chumash Farms operates an all natural (organic) farm utilizing the most advanced Vertical agricultural Growing process – greenhouse aeroponics – growing plants in air.  These modern methods use less that 10% of the water and land used in typical farms.

The future of farming is here and we hope to establish a teaching farm to advance Eco-friendly, natural agriculture here and around the globe.

“Chumash Farms is currently looking for property to lease or purchase with 5 year terms {Property can be raw or operating; must have water}. Please contact NCTC  {email:} with proposals.

The Northern Chumash Tribal Council will be self-reliant through agriculture and businesses in our community and not from a casino.  NCTC is not looking for Federal recognition, we are not waiting for anyone to give us anything.  We understand that if we work together with common goals we will be able to achieve our vision.

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