Relatives in the Ocean SAVED!

Message from Marcus Lopez Co-Chair Barbareno Chumash Council of Santa Barbara:

Congratulation to all who participated to defend our relatives! The Calif. Coastal Commission voted unanimously to deny PG&E its permit.  You can be proud of the governing body in its press release and the activity of the Barbareno Chumash Council of Santa Barbara. We did not make any money, did not provide and social services nor did we organize any better. What we did do is to be a good ancestor in that we defended the voiceless in our peoples terms. We were the voice of the voiceless. I hope I represented all of the families in a good manner and that we always continue to do the right thing in order to live in peace and tranquility.

We had a United Front consisting of Northern Chumash Council, Coastal Band of the Chumash Nation, and the Wishtoyo Foundation and of course the Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Development and the American Indian Movement of Southern California. Also the many local and not so local individuals that gave their support and time to let others of the non-Indian and Indian Peoples the understanding of this all important topic. This issue is not “dead” by our vigilance is vital. A big thank you to Fred Collins and Crystal Baker for leading the way and providing us with the information and of course all of you with prayer and suggestions.

Thank you, trying to be a good ancestor,  Marcus Lopez

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seismic hearing

A message and photos from Abe Perlstein Stereo Photography

Dear COAST Alliance members and friends of the oceans,

I’m so proud of our activists’ collective dedication, determination and subsequent victory in convincing the California Coastal Commission to flatly deny PG&E’s permit to move ahead on murderous ocean blasting off the California Central Coast.

Here’s a selection of photos from both the Tidelands Park music fest and events surrounding yesterday’s California Coastal Commission hearing at the Santa Monica Civic. I’ll eventually get around to posting on the C.O.A.S.T. Alliance Facebook page, though that’ll have to wait a few days as I erred in having clicked on an offer supposedly enabling me to swap the regular blue Facebook theme to other colors. By doing so, an evil software extension glommed onto and disabled my Chrome browser, posted the same scam to every one of my Facebook friends’ walls (sorry, folks), and downloaded malicious software onto my hard drive. Because Facebook blocked me from posting anything for a few days, for the time being, please enjoy these pix in an email.



Eric Greening testifies before commissioners and staff, California Coastal Commission hearing, Santa Monica.
Just after the victorious California Coastal Commission hearing decision, Santa Monica.
Happy faces after victorious California Coastal Commission hearing decision, Santa Monica.
Grassroots activism at its best following California Coastal Commission denial of permit for PG&E to do seismic testing off our coast, Santa Monica.
The celebratory mood following the California Coastal Commission’s denial of PG&E’s ocean blasting permit.
C.O.A.S.T. Alliance spokeswomen, Molly Johnson and Mandy Davis, along with Northern Chumash Tribal Administrator, Fred Collins after the victorious California Coastal Commission hearing, Santa Monica. You guys rock!

Chumash Position

There is a fair amount of research available concerning offshore Native American Sacred Sites and NCTC wants to make sure that our voice pointing out these very important pre-historical Californian Native American Sacred Sites is heard loud and clear, NCTC does not give anyone, including Corporations, Agencies or Governments the right to disturb our offshore California Native American Chumash Sacred Sites. Complete Letter: Coastal Commission Additional information PG&E ST 110712

Seventh Generation Fund would like to again extend our full support of the Chumash Peoples’ in opposition of the 3D Geophysical Seismic Testing that Pacific Gas and Electric is proposing as a means for seismic mapping off the coast of southern California. Seventh Generation Fund supports the Chumash and their endeavors to protect and preserve the oceans and all living things from harm inflicted upon them by practices such as seismic testing. Full letter: sevengenerationseismic2.doc

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Breaking News
Pacific Gas and Electric Company
With Padre Associates, Inc.; DB Neish & Associates

Application to Conduct high energy seismic survey operations in state and federal waters between Cayucos and Point Sal and temporarily install and operate an array of seismic activity monitoring devices onshore.


Click to Read Complete Summary CCC 11-2012

Any concerns regarding this issue contact:



The Northern Chumash Tribal Council (NCTC) is a tribal governing body whose members are from San Luis Obispo County and they have been the living continuum of Chumash Peoples for over 18,000 years.  Living along this sacred coastline in San Luis Obispo County, we are Stakeholders.  NCTC was formed under the guidelines of Senate Bill 18 as a State Recognized Tribal Government.   NCTC corporate office is located at 67 South Street San Luis Obispo, CA 93401.  NCTC is dedicated to the preservation of Chumash Culture and Heritage, meaningful consulting with local governments, consulting with the development community, and changing government policy for better tribal community well-being.

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SCJ September

The Northern Chumash Tribal Council (NCTC) is involved with several important county land use issues that have received media attention.   I am the Tribal Administrator for NCTC and I would like to share with our readers who and what NCTC is all about.

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