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The Northern Chumash Tribal Council (NCTC) is involved with several important county land use issues that have received media attention.   I am the Tribal Administrator for NCTC and I would like to share with our readers who and what NCTC is all about.

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Limuw 2012

Tomol Crossing to Limuw 2012

Ventura Harbor to Limuw

September 8, 9 and 10, 2012

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Here are a few more images from our Tomol Village Hop 2012 at Avila Beach. It was a Beautiful day.  You’ll  no doubt recognize someone special in these  photos… See you next week for the Tomol Crossing to Limuw 2012?

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Photos by:  A. M. Marzolla







Tomol Story

Chumash family canoe paddlers in Washington

The Chumash Nation is a maritime culture. We have lived along the California coastline from Ragged Point to Malibu and out to the Channel Islands for over 15,000 years.  The Chumash have lived and thrived in these lush lands and coastal ocean environments. Our ocean going vehicle is the “Tomol,” which means “canoe” in Chumash. The Chumash plank canoe is constructed with no nails, rivets, or ribs and it is sown together with a local plant called “Dog Bane.” This twine is made from the hand twisted fiber of the Dog Bane. You can see below the stitching on our latest Tomol Xax ‘Alolk’oy’ (Great Dolphin)

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Cerrito Peak Mansion

City, Developer Sued Over Approval of Proposed Cerrito Peak Mansion

by Jack McCurdy

Synopsis:   A suit has been filed against the city of Morro Bay and developer Dan Reddell to stop the construction of a 5,632-square foot mansion atop little Cerrito Peak based on claims the project’s approval violated a multitude of laws and that the city engaged in an “admitted pattern and practice of abuse of the law” and of excluding information from the public.

The city of Morro Bay and developer Dan Reddell, owner of Bayshore Realty in Morro Bay, have been sued over the City Council’s approval of the development of a 5,632-square-foot mansion atop little Cerrito Peak, a suit that was expected in light of the California Coastal Commission staff’s strong legal objections to the project. But the scope, depth, and ethical allegations of the charges in the suit go far beyond the question of whether the development meets legal requirements.

Besides the charges of violating a whole range of laws, codes, and statutes in approving the project, the suit accuses the city of:

—Engaging in an “admitted pattern and practice of abuse of the law.”
—Having “intentionally exclud(ed) information and data about the existence and location of public resources.”
—Doing so “with the explicit intention of benefiting the developer at the public’s expense.”
—Engaging in a “frank and explicit exclusion of data and the prioritization of economic benefit of the property owner to the detriment of the public” and “a pervasive disregard for the law and the city’s duties to protect public property and welfare.”
—Failing to recognize that “information is the heart of an accountable decision making process. To this end, the law requires that every decision must be based on conclusions, or findings, and findings must be supported by evidence — by data and information — in the record.” And the suit contends the city failed to reveal such information.

The suit, filed by Save the Park, a nonprofit local citizens organization, asks the San Luis Obispo Superior Court to issue an injunction to prevent any start on the development until the suit is settled. Most property owners surrounding Cerrito Peak reportedly support the suit. Contributions on the suit’s behalf can be made to Save the Park by contacting Nicole Dorfman.

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Take a look at this petition and consider signing it. A show like this has the ability to destroy many cultural, as well as historic sites.

Late last week the SAA Board was informed that there are two TV series planned that promote and glorify the looting and destruction of archaeological sites. They are American Diggers and Diggers. The first is scheduled for Spike TV and the other for National Geographic TV. As past SAA President Bob Kelly wrote in a recent e-mail in response to American Diggers,“This shameless and shameful program will glorify and promote the mindless destruction of archaeological sites in the U.S.”

SAA and other groups, such as SHA, have already prepared and sent strong letters condemning both of these programs to the production companies, networks, and others. Copies of the SAA letters can be found on the SAA website (, and The letters provide details on why we are so concerned. Up to this point Spike TV has not responded to the public outcry. Leadership of National Geographic, however, has indicated that, while they are unable to stop the showing tomorrow on such short notice, they will place a disclaimer into the show that speaks to laws protecting archaeological and historic sites. They are also willing to enter into discussions with the archaeological community to determine how to raise awareness of the impacts of the use of metal detectors for treasure hunting. We will advise you of developments in this area. Continue reading “DIGGERS”