WestCoast Meeting

Northern Chumash Tribal Council administrator Fred Collin will be attending this meeting.

Event Details

The West Coast Governors Alliance Regional Data Framework Action Coordination Team and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation cordially invite you to attend the 2nd West Coast Data Network Meeting Nov. 19-20, 2013 at the Southern California Coastal Water Research Project building  in Costa Mesa, CA.

We are committed to increasing the ability of coastal managers, researchers, and the ocean stakeholders to discover and connect with coastal and ocean data and people to better inform West Coast resource management, policy development, and planning. You can read more about what we do here.

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Alliance Invite

Northern Chumash Tribal Council CA Central Coast Marine Sanctuary Alliance, Santa Lucia Chapter of Sierra Club, San Luis Obispo Chapter of Surfrider Foundation, COAST(Citizens Opposed to Acoustic Seismic Testing),

The Northern Chumash Tribal Council (NCTC) would like to invite your organization to support our Indigenous proposed California Central Coast Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary.

NCTC has started grassroots collaboration between the Marine Sanctuary Alliance (MSA), Santa Lucia Chapter of Sierra Club, SLO Chapter of Surfrider Foundation, COAST, and others, for this great project and we invite your support. We would like to add your organization’s name to the top of this letter that will be included with the marine sanctuary proposal.

Our offshore waters have qualified for sanctuary designation since 1990. Now, with new marine sanctuaries possible, we propose the CA Central Coast Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary. Please read the proposed designation document at the end of this introduction letter.

To achieve the best water quality, vibrant marine ecosystems, and to protect the Chumash cultural heritage, our efforts are focused to fill the unprotected gap between the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary. Chumash villages and cultural heritage lie submerged within the proposed sanctuary area as well as along the shoreline, many continuously occupied for over 10,000 years.

Sanctuary benefits for the Indigenous Community and the Community of San Luis Obispo California:

  • *Strengthen the security for and education of Chumash Tribal Sacred Sites
  • *Provide a legacy of thrivability in our currently healthy local coastal waters
  • *Preserve our unique and significant coastal ecosystems
  • *Strengthen the tourism-based economy of the Central Coast
  • *Bring funding for needed marine research
  • *Enhance opportunities for local recreation
  • *No offshore oil drilling
  • *No acoustic testing

We hope you will join us. In light of a possible disaster in our waters, we want to act now to provide our coastal waters with national sanctuary protection.

You can help us by emailing to NCTC a letter of your organization’s support for this marine sanctuary designation to fcollins@northernchumash.org. The address for mailed letters is: Northern Chumash Tribal Council, 67 South Street, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401.

We believe our county has the timely, unique opportunity to provide a legacy of thrivability, which will continue to create healthy local coastal waters and marine ecosystems that will endure into future generations to be enjoyed and treasured by all.


Fred Collins

Tribal Administrator

Northern Chumash Tribal Council

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OGPP Update Comments

land mgmt 75logowebDivision of Environmental Planning & Management
California State Lands Commission
100 Howe Ave., Suite 100-South
Sacramento, CA 95825
Email:  CEQAcomments@slc.ca.gov

RE: OGPP Update Comments
Dear Mrs. Lucchesi:
The Northern Chumash Tribal Council (NCTC) is located in San Luis Obispo California, and was formed under the guidelines of California Senate Bill 18 April 26, 2006 as a California State Recognized Tribal Government by the California Native American Heritage Commission, organized and dedicated to preservation of the California Native American Chumash Culture, and Sacred Sites.  NCTC is dedicated to meaningful consulting with Federal, State, local governments and agencies, consulting with the development community, and supporting tribal community well-being. Continue reading “OGPP Update Comments”


“County Rock Santa Margarita”

Murry Wilson

Environmental Resource Specialist-County of San Luis Obispo Department of Planning and Building

Re:  Comments Las Pilitas Quarry Project

The Northern Chumash Tribal Council (NCTC) is a sovereign California Native American Tribal Government, located at 67 South Street, San Luis Obispo California. NCTC is dedicated to the preservation and protection of the Chumash Sacred Heritage in San Luis Obispo County. NCTC’s Cultural Resource team members are experts in Chumash Cultural Resources preservation and management.  NCTC is the living Chumash Nation today, we are here today, we have always been here and we are the experts on our culture and life ways, as it has been past down, since the beginning of time, from elder to child, true knowledge.

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Los Osos

March 2013 008Hatyu,

There is no need for this project to make a rushed decision, the pipe is over a month behind this excavation, and could be move several month off, so, NCTC is pushing to slow down, look at the whole site, get suggestion from everyone, let the engineers have some time to come up with a great way to save our cemetery, please let everyone know we need your support, please write letter or email to the County archaeologist, kballantyne@co.slo.ca.us, supervisor Bruce Gibson, bgibson@co.slo.ca.us, NAHC Dave Singleton, ds_nahc@pacbell.net, alert the media and all Indian County organizations, If a nuclear warhead is the worst, then we just had one explode in Los Osos. Los Osos Comments 031713  March 2013 007

Be well,

Fred Collins

Tribal Administrator

NCTC Northern Chumash Tribal Council

67 South Street, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

(805) 801-0347   www.NorthernChumash.org

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