Plant Beings

Let’s reconnect with our relatives in nature In 2013. The plant beings. Here’s how: A group of First Nations People in Saskatchewan Canada are reclaiming their Indigenous organic and natural agricultural heritage, reconnecting with Nature, learning and observing her natural laws, and getting back on the road to self-reliance. Many thanks to Director Noah Erenberg for making this great documentary, presented here courtesy of Muskoday Organic Growers Co-op Ltd:…. If you want to purchase a copy of this video please contact the producers through this link:

SCJ September

The Northern Chumash Tribal Council (NCTC) is involved with several important county land use issues that have received media attention.   I am the Tribal Administrator for NCTC and I would like to share with our readers who and what NCTC is all about.

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Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields Forever? By Arty Mangan

Organic strawberries protect the ozone layer as industrial agriculture trades one toxic chemical for another.

In the early days of Odwalla, BC (before Coca Cola bought
it) the juice plant was a state- of-the-art remodeled brussel sprouts packing
shed that stood on the cliffs of Pacific Coast Highway One. Just up the road
was Swanton Berry Farm run by one of America’s truly great, innovative farmers.

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