DATE: JUNE 30, 2012

TIME: Swim & practice @ 8:00am
BBQ & Raffle starts @ 12:00pm
(Suggested donation of
$5 BBQ and $1 raffle ticket)

WHERE: Leadbetter Beach

Join us and have fun supporting your local tomols!
PO BOX 3728 SANTA BARBARA CA 93130 805-708-2541

Tomol Morro Bay

The photo of this Tomol Morro Bay painting was taken about 1900.

Courtesy of the SLO County History Center

That makes the painting at least 112 years old.


Paddle to Squaxin Island 2012 Canoe Journey

Haku Haku, Our Squaxin Cousins have invited us to paddle with them again this year.
It will be a 3 day pull from Seattle to Olympia about 80 miles, Squaxin has a small grant for us and we need to make our give a ways and be in Seattle on July 22nd arrive in Squaxin Island the 29th for 5 days of ceremony and Fun.
We need to write grants and donations and go paddle with our cousins from Alaska, Canada, Washington, Oregon, California, Hawaii, Japan.

Check out the website:

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Picture of the Brotherhood of the Tomol and our families in Santa Barbara on the Solstice of 2007.

The Barbarenos Chumash Council of Santa Barbara has recently started making the crossing between Ventura and Santa Cruz Island 26 miles, back to our home. The crossing is done in our Tomol – a planked canoe 32 feet long. This vessel is tied together with native twine using no nail, ribs, or rivets. These journeys have brought our Chumash Community together in spirit and community. We are working together and we are healing ourselves and our community.

Water is in all things, water is ancient, its birth is in the stars. The Chumash understand that the water is in everything and is the force of life. Water is the communicator of life. Water is the most incredible essence in the Universe, respect it, protect it, and drink it.