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The Northern Chumash Tribal Council (NCTC) is involved with several important county land use issues that have received media attention.   I am the Tribal Administrator for NCTC and I would like to share with our readers who and what NCTC is all about.

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Limuw 2012

Tomol Crossing to Limuw 2012

Ventura Harbor to Limuw

September 8, 9 and 10, 2012

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Here are a few more images from our Tomol Village Hop 2012 at Avila Beach. It was a Beautiful day.  You’ll  no doubt recognize someone special in these  photos… See you next week for the Tomol Crossing to Limuw 2012?

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Photos by:  A. M. Marzolla







Tomol Story

Chumash family canoe paddlers in Washington

The Chumash Nation is a maritime culture. We have lived along the California coastline from Ragged Point to Malibu and out to the Channel Islands for over 15,000 years.  The Chumash have lived and thrived in these lush lands and coastal ocean environments. Our ocean going vehicle is the “Tomol,” which means “canoe” in Chumash. The Chumash plank canoe is constructed with no nails, rivets, or ribs and it is sown together with a local plant called “Dog Bane.” This twine is made from the hand twisted fiber of the Dog Bane. You can see below the stitching on our latest Tomol Xax ‘Alolk’oy’ (Great Dolphin)

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Chumash Canoe Story

NorthWest Indian News Episode #50 stories:

“Paddle to Swinomish”

“Chumash Canoe Story” (go to 07:44)

“Preparing for Tribal Journey”

“Lushootseed: A Living Language”

What a beautiful interview and a long time coming…I feel a great deal of pride for our People!!!

Thanks to all of the those of past, present and future who have participated in the revival of our Tomols.

Ksukuwiyuw (Respectfully),

Luhui Isha Waiya

Cultural Resources & Education Director

Wishtoyo Foundation



DATE: JUNE 30, 2012

TIME: Swim & practice @ 8:00am
BBQ & Raffle starts @ 12:00pm
(Suggested donation of
$5 BBQ and $1 raffle ticket)

WHERE: Leadbetter Beach

Join us and have fun supporting your local tomols!
PO BOX 3728 SANTA BARBARA CA 93130 805-708-2541