Limuw 2012

Tomol Crossing to Limuw 2012

Ventura Harbor to Limuw

September 8, 9 and 10, 2012

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Here are a few more images from our Tomol Village Hop 2012 at Avila Beach. It was a Beautiful day.  You’ll  no doubt recognize someone special in these  photos… See you next week for the Tomol Crossing to Limuw 2012?

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Photos by:  A. M. Marzolla







Treacherous Coast

Searching For a Safe Harbor on A Treacherous Coast: The Wreck of the Manila Galleon San Agustin

Marco Meniketti Copyright 1997

Over four hundred years ago an event of singular significance in the history of California occurred in the waters off Pt. Reyes. In what is today known as Drake’s Bay, north of San Francisco twenty five miles, the Manila Galleon San Agustin was wrecked, the captain and crew suddenly marooned. Ironically the ship and crew were engaged in exploration to find a safe and secure harbor along California’s unknown and treacherous coast. The survivors eventually reached Acapulco, Mexico, in an open plank boat, charting the coast as they sailed–an epic journey in its own right. Continue reading “Treacherous Coast”

Dolphin People

Pacific White Sided Dolphins

The Pacific white-sided dolphin is a very active dolphin found in the cool to temperate waters of the North Pacific Ocean near the Central Coast of California.  The Pacific white-sided dolphin has three colors. The chin, throat and belly are creamy white. The beak, flippers, back, and dorsal fin are a dark gray. There are light gray patches on the sides and a further light gray stripe running from above the eye to below the dorsal fin where it thickens along the tail stock. A dark gray ring surrounds the eyes.

Tomol Story

Chumash family canoe paddlers in Washington

The Chumash Nation is a maritime culture. We have lived along the California coastline from Ragged Point to Malibu and out to the Channel Islands for over 15,000 years.  The Chumash have lived and thrived in these lush lands and coastal ocean environments. Our ocean going vehicle is the “Tomol,” which means “canoe” in Chumash. The Chumash plank canoe is constructed with no nails, rivets, or ribs and it is sown together with a local plant called “Dog Bane.” This twine is made from the hand twisted fiber of the Dog Bane. You can see below the stitching on our latest Tomol Xax ‘Alolk’oy’ (Great Dolphin)

Continue reading “Tomol Story”