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Published: September 25, 2012

Barbareno Chumash Council statement on PG&E seismic testing


The territorial, cultural, and religious rights of the Chumash Nation are being challenged and undermined in insidious ways by Pacific Gas and Electric Company and the Diablo Nuclear Power Plant establishment.  The Chumash Nation has an inherit right and International Right, to determine what is beneficial, safe and unendangered  of our future generations of all  life whom thrive on our lands and waters from Morro Bay to Santa Monica Bay. This  Right and responsibility has been given to us by the creator since time immemorial.

Our Barbareno Chumash Council (BCC) of Santa Barbara denounces all Federal, State and local bodies  and especially PG& E  of the possible, forthcoming or future destruction of our relatives off the coast in our waters. Any  government that does not come to the defense of the defenseless, must now listen and act  to our  Chumash Peoples traditional ways and rights.  Because of the gravity and seriousness of the proposed Seismic Testing  we need to call on all peoples to act and voice their concerns to stop this act of terracide. This testing must not begin and the perpetrators must be exposed.

The autonomy or self-government in matters relating to our (Chumash)  internal and local affairs is now a International matter, because what happens in the Ocean and on the Coast is an affair that matters to  the Chumash Nation territory and our Turtle Island  and our relatives; such as the Dolphins and Whales as well as other Ocean relatives.

The likelihood of a tragedy and the prevention of it  is paramount. Our relatives (the Dolphins) as it is related to the Rainbow Bridge Chumash Legend is one that everyone loves yet we are  about to kill our relatives. Our Dolphin brethren. The SEISMIC testing and its effect on the living relatives in the Ocean is not only damaging to the Ocean life but we are declaring a moratorium of all testing and further legitimization of the Diablo Nuclear Power Plant that is subsidized by the public and dangerous.

By the State of California and the PG&E ignoring and dismissing our concerns and the our Rights , they are in violation of the International Covenant and our religious Rights. The destruction of our Chumash Culture by the State and its decision and actions to continue this seismic testing needs to stop. Stop the destruction of our relatives and our families in the Ocean. The destruction and killing off of our relatives of the Ocean is directly killing our Nation. The death or harm to our A’loly’koy and Paxat is a death blow to us Chumash.

Stop the Testing Now!!

Contact : Barbareno Chumash Council of Santa Barbara

Name: Marcus Lopez & Debra Sanchez

Phone number: 805-969-1076 & 562-716-1025

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