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Published: November 16, 2012

A message from Barbareno Chumash Council on CA Coastal Commission’s denial of PG&E’s permit for seismic testing

Message from Marcus Lopez Co-Chair Barbareno Chumash Council of Santa Barbara:

Congratulation to all who participated to defend our relatives! The Calif. Coastal Commission voted unanimously to deny PG&E its permit. You can be proud of the governing body in its press release and the activity of the Barbareno Chumash Council of Santa Barbara. We did not make any money, did not provide and social services nor did we organize any better. What we did do is to be a good ancestor in that we defended the voiceless in our peoples terms. We were the voice of the voiceless. I hope I represented all of the families in a good manner and that we always continue to do the right thing in order to live in peace and tranquility.

We had a United Front consisting of Northern Chumash Council, Coastal Band of the Chumash Nation, and the Wishtoyo Foundation and of course the Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Development and the American Indian Movement of Southern California. Also the many local and not so local individuals that gave their support and time to let others of the non-Indian and Indian Peoples the understanding of this all important topic. This issue is not “dead” by our vigilance is vital. A big thank you to Fred Collins and Crystal Baker for leading the way and providing us with the information and of course all of you with prayer and suggestions.

Thank you, trying to be a good ancestor,  Marcus Lopez


And a message from Corine Fairbanks American Indian Movement Southern California:

Good Morning Relatives,

It was a wonderful day, over 300 people in attendance at the Coastal Commission meeting regarding the PG& E proposed seismic testing off the coast of Central California (roughly Morro Bay down to Guadelupe, CA).

Over 175 people signed on to make public comment on Wed, November 14, and the Chumash Delegation, including Angela Mooney-D’Arcy, of the Acjachemen Nation, made some key points that were not being addressed, stopping the entire room with an eloquent and powerful delivery.  It was wonderful to see our Relatives in action, and I can not express with words what a powerful force u all were working together in unity n strategy!

And the sandwiches rocked! Pilamayaye Wishtoyo Foundation for making sure everyone was fed! As well as Fred Collins for helping out in that direction as well!

Pilamayaye for allowing AIM SoCal to be in service in this issue-

Deep Respects,
PILAMAYAYE/ Thank you,

Corine Fairbanks
American Indian Movement Southern California

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