WestCoast Meeting

Northern Chumash Tribal Council administrator Fred Collin will be attending this meeting.

Event Details

The West Coast Governors Alliance Regional Data Framework Action Coordination Team and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation cordially invite you to attend the 2nd West Coast Data Network Meeting Nov. 19-20, 2013 at the Southern California Coastal Water Research Project building  in Costa Mesa, CA.

We are committed to increasing the ability of coastal managers, researchers, and the ocean stakeholders to discover and connect with coastal and ocean data and people to better inform West Coast resource management, policy development, and planning. You can read more about what we do here.

indexThe goal of this meeting is for Network members to Connect with other Network members, Discover the West Coast Data Registry, and Inform the RDF about how the Network and WCGA can serve your needs. West Coast ocean and coastal data managers and users from state and federal agencies, tribes, universities, and NGOs are invited to attend. Ocean and coastal policy makers and resource managers are also encouraged to attend. The meeting will be an opportunity to:

  • Reconnect and re-engage West Coast Data Network members to assess RDF progress and chart a path forward.
  • Increase Network members’ understanding of the West Coast Data Registry uses and functions.
  • Seek feedback on the types of ocean issues the West Coast Data Portal can help inform.
  • Identify Network partner projects that the RDF can support for data development, metadata upgrades, catalog creation.
  • Solicit Network members to add their contact information and data to the West Coast Data Diplomat Directory and Registry.
  • Listen to coastal stakeholders to understand how the Network and RDF can help them do their jobs better.

We hope you can join us in Costa Mesa! We have limited invitational travel funds to support your attendance at this meeting. To apply for these funds and RSVP for the meeting please visit westcoastdata.eventbrite.com. UPDATE: The deadline to apply for travel funds is Sept. 30th, 2013 and the deadline to register is November 1st.

For those of you who are unable to travel to Costa Mesa, portions of the meeting will be streamed online via GoToWebinar. Please RSVP for access to the Webinar at westcoastdata.eventbrite.com and indicate that you would like to participate remotely. If you have any questions please contact the RDF Project Coordinator, Todd Hallenbeck.

We hope to see you there!

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