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Slow Money SLO One Year Celebration Event

You are invited to attend Slow Money SLO’s celebration of one year helping local, small food businesses by connecting investors and entrepreneurs. In the last year, Slow Money SLO has helped arrange funding for seven entrepreneurs for a total of $250,000. Supporting the relocation of SLO Natural Foods was the first arrangement and they are thrilled with the results. Slow Money SLO is one of about 25 groups across the country working with the national non-profit Slow Money movement which is headquartered in Boulder.  Celebrate Slow Money SLO’s first year at a free event, meet and hear Marco Vangelisti, renowned banking and local investing speaker, sample local food and meet fellow Slow Money supporters. Monday, August 12, 5:30-7 pm, at the SLO Grange, in the outdoor Grove event area, 2880 Broad St, San Luis Obispo. 

Interested in arranging for financing for your farming operation?  Jeff Wade of Slow Money SLO will be a panelist on a workshop at Central Coast Bioneers on Access to Capital for Small Farmers.  One-on-one consultations with representatives of California FarmLink and Slow Money SLO will take place after the workshop.


Now taking reservations for exhibitor space

Meet and showcase your product or service to local change-makers by being an exhibitor at the Central Coast Bioneers Conference.  10-foot spaces are $125 each for all three days for profit companies and $65 for nonprofits.  Booth price comes with a weekend pass to the conference, worth $195 alone!   Post-conference surveys show that the Green Marketplace is one of the favorite parts of the conference.  Download the registration form here.

Rebooting Agriculture: an interview with Bioneer Darren Doherty

Darren Doherty, a 5th generation Australian farmer and Permaculture pioneer who has worked in over 40 countries over 20 years as a farm planning consultant and educator, originated the Keyline Design Course and the RegenAG concept. Darren has designed thousands of projects, focusing on the practical regeneration of agricultural landscapes, soils, communities, and families.  Darren will be a keynote speaker at the National Bioneers Conference and his plenary talk will be shown at the Central Coast Bioneers Conference on Saturday, October 26 as part of our Food & Farming program.   Local workshop speaker John deBruin of Best Beef Ever will expand on Doherty’s principles Saturday afternoon and give them a local, Central Coast perspective.  Other events in our Food & Farming lineup this year are Access to Capital for Small Farmers, including one-on-one consultations with farm financing experts, Growing Nutrient Dense Foods, and the return of the Cal Poly Real Food Collaborative’s Green Chef Cook-off and dancing with The Mother Corn Shuckers.

Bioneers: What are the principles of Regraianism?

Darren: Some of the key principles are to produce stable environments with sound watersheds; increase wildlife species & stability of populations; improve water, soil & vegetation resources of cities, industry & agriculture; prevent waste of financial, human & natural resources; utilize permaculture design principles; and develop viable decentralized energy production systems.

Bioneers: How does Regraranism help farmers mitigate and adapt to climate change?

Darren: One of the things we look at, which might seem like an unusual climate change strategy, is reducing debt, which in an agricultural environment is really crippling because it disempowers farmers from making the land stewardship decisions they would normally make. We try to get the debt out of the way by getting some higher margin activities in the stream of an enterprise so we can start to self-fund the more regenerative practices…. (Cont’d)

READ the full Bioneers interview with Darren Doherty

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