Thank You

The Northern Chumash Tribal Council has a relationship with all things, it is our honor to care for the land and waters, and our ancestors have been caring for this land for all time.  Time ……Space ………….One Continuum.

When the Elders and Chumash Community gathered in Avila last year, on August 17, during our struggle with PG&E to stop acoustic testing along our coast, we had prayed for a solution, the Whales and Dolphins our relatives came, when they heard our story, telling  the Elders that they would always come when we need them. The Elders have told the Whales and Dolphins that we would come to them when they call for help, they helped us stop acoustic testing, now it is our time to help them
stop seismic testing worldwide!
The Chumash Peoples will be coming to their aid, we will be thanking the Whales and Dolphins,
will you……………………

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