Los Osos

March 2013 008Hatyu,

There is no need for this project to make a rushed decision, the pipe is over a month behind this excavation, and could be move several month off, so, NCTC is pushing to slow down, look at the whole site, get suggestion from everyone, let the engineers have some time to come up with a great way to save our cemetery, please let everyone know we need your support, please write letter or email to the County archaeologist, kballantyne@co.slo.ca.us, supervisor Bruce Gibson, bgibson@co.slo.ca.us, NAHC Dave Singleton, ds_nahc@pacbell.net, alert the media and all Indian County organizations, If a nuclear warhead is the worst, then we just had one explode in Los Osos. Los Osos Comments 031713  March 2013 007

Be well,

Fred Collins

Tribal Administrator

NCTC Northern Chumash Tribal Council

67 South Street, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

(805) 801-0347   www.NorthernChumash.org

Educational Services & Environmental Consulting

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