Chris Jordan

I met a young man in the hospital a couple of years ago, he was dying and wanted to speak to me, I gave him what courage I have, he was able to find a transplant and recovered, his mother is an active member of Mothers for Peace, and Sierra Club, both working on de-commissioning Diablo, he is now in his early twenty’s.

Please click HERE to take a look at the new art piece by Chris Jordan.

And here’s a quote from him about the reason for the piece:

“I hope my Unsinkable piece reaches you in the spirit in which it was intended: as an act of love on behalf of Life and all Beings. I believe deeply in the power of collective feeling, and particularly grief, as a doorway back into connection with our unifying love for the sacred miracle of our world. Humanity needs a new story that transcends the limitations of our divided and fear-based worldviews. And only love can conquer fear, as the ancients teach us. So how can we remind a billion people in the industrialized world that they are made of love, that each moment is a sacred prayer of love, that life is an incomprehensibly beautiful spirit dance we have each won the lottery ticket of the Universe to attend?! If we in the “first world” could collectively remember this, then bridging our differences and joining to solve the problems we have caused (such as assembling a vast mulit-national task force to stabilize Unit 4 at Fukushima–cost and politics being no object) would be fast and fun!”

Be well,


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