Nuclear Free Future

Fast, Pray, & Walk for a Nuclear Free Future and Respect for Mother Earth
Three Buddhist monks and one nun will vigil at California’s nuclear power facilities. San Onofre and Diablo Canyon

Tent Plan:
11/30 Fri. Walk to or around San Onofre (TBA)
12/1 Sat. Rohachi Fasting 1st Day 7am-5pm (San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station)
2 Sun. 2nd Day 7am-5pm
3 Mon. 3rd Day 7am-5pm
4 Tue. Breaking Fast (4th Day)
5 Thu. 5th Day 7am-5pm
6 Fri. 6th Day 7am-5pm
7 Sat. Breaking Fast(7th Day)
8 Sun. Jodo-e Celebration (Buddha’s Enlightened Day) Move to LA
9 Mon. Rest Day
10 Tue. Peace Walk in LA
11 Wed. Move to San Luis Obispo
12 Thu. Walk from San Luis Obispo/Morro Bay to Diablo Canyon

Nov. 30 – Dec. 12. 2012

Nov. 30 (Friday) 12-mile walk starts at 9 am from Dana Point harbor parking lot to San
Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (north of San Diego, CA). Ceremonies at San Onofre
State Park at 2 pm.

Dec. 1- 6 Nipponzan Myohoji monks fasting at San Onofre. Staying in San Onofre State

Dec. 7-11 Monks move to Los Angeles temple for rest day and walking in LA.

Dec. 11- 12 Monks move to San Luis Obispo. Walk to Diablo Canyon on

Dec 12. Starting with a Chumash Prayer join the Chumash and Monks walking from San Luis Obispo to Diablo Canyon.

This is an interfaith activity. All are welcome to walk and support the fast. However
this activity is not organized to provide lodging, food, transportation, etc. You are on
your own for meals, tents, & campground permits at San Onofre, though some space is
available at the Temple in LA.


For information on San Onofre, contact Gene 949-233-7724 or
Carol 760-390-9775.
For all other info. contact Senji Kanaeda 206-780-6739.

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