BIG turnout

Photo of Northern Chumash Tribal Administrator Fred Collins speaking to the Fish & Game Commission yesterday in Sacramento by Dan Bacher.

Big turnout against seismic testing at Commission meeting.
One thing was very clear from the Fish and Game Commission meeting held in Sacramento on Monday, September 24 – the vast majority of people, including Commission members, environmentalists, Indian Tribal representatives, recreational anglers and commercial fishermen, strongly oppose the PG&E’s plan to conduct high energy seismic testing off the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant. Fred Collins drove the 12 hour round trip to speak, the regulated only 2 minutes, to CA Fish and Game Commission, asking them to not permit the Seismic Testing. Taken from an article following the meeting, “We have been here for 18,000 years and we don’t give you permission to take wildlife off our coast,” said Fred Collins, the Northern Chumash Tribal Council Administrator. Fred’s follow up statement to this event and article, “I find it very difficult to comprehend how under duress the animals, plants, trees and living thing, which includes us, how close to the edge of oblivion we have come, when it shows up on your door step it becomes a defiant wake up call. Good to see everyone working to together to prevent this from happening, this is what is necessary for our children’s children to have a future.”

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Dan Bacher.

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