Village Hop

We hosted our Annual Chumash Nation Tomol Village Hop at Chicqawt’ (Morro Bay)  and Tsipxatu (Avila Beach) August 18-19 2012 was filled with Sunrise and Launch Ceremonies, Blessings, and Stories.

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The tomols paddled the Chumash villages of Chicqawt’ on Saturday and Tsipxatu on Sunday in alliance with the Northern Chumash Tribal Council.

Images are from Fred Collins and Roberto Monge

(see more from chumash_tomol_hop_2012)

We want to Thank some special people for participating; beginning with the Chumash Tomol Families with their Tomols (Canoes):
‘Ely’wun (Swordfish) and Isha Kowoch (Glistening Salmon)

Thank you also to the Barbareño Chumash Council, the Chumash Maritime Association and
Chumash Nation Families and Friends.

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