Protect Us

Enjoy these incredible images taken by retired biology instructor Bill Bouton of a small pod of humpback whales lunge-feeding off the coast of Avila California, Then stand with us to protect those that can’t defend themselves.

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The Northern Chumash Tribal Council (NCTC) and Coastal Band of the Chumash Nation (CBCN) spoke in opposition to the 100% killing of all mammals, fish and all other living things from Guadalupe to Cambria by the seismic testing proposed by PG&E. The State Lands Commission certified the EIR last Tuesday, and today we presented overriding evidence for the EIR to be rescinded. The permit of the project was on the table today and the Commission voted in favor of killing all life along our coast in about 5 minutes. NCTC is planning to take action, we need everyone’s support. More details to come, please let us know your ideas, and if you will make a Stand with NCTC.

Be Well,
Fred Collins
Tribal Administrator
Northern Chumash Tribal Council


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