This series of water videos are very interesting, please check them out, by Callum Coats.
Enjoy “Extraordinary Nature of Water” – narrated by Callum Coats (2000)

You will be guided through forests, rivers, and the global water cycle, revealing insights into water’s nature and how it needs to be handled for us to stay healthy. See the effects of nature’s amazing vortex motion in water, how to harness clean abundant energy, and how to generate lightning from a fine water jet. Based on Viktor Schauberger’s brilliant work with natural energy and water, translated and written by Callum Coats in the books “Nature as Teacher”, “Living Energies” and “The Water Wizard”. Viktor (1885 to 1958) made a lifelong study of water, from mountain springs to river flows and highly evolved hydraulics. He earned the name “Water Wizard” by developing a deep understanding of water… the most important life-giving and energy empowered substance on the planet.

Three documentaries in English dealing with the life and works of Viktor Schauberger are in existence:

  • “Nature Was My Teacher” – Borderland Science Research Foundation – narrated by Tom Brown (1993)
  • “Sacred Living Geometries” – narrated by Callum Coats (1995)
  • “Extraordinary Nature of Water” – narrated by Callum Coats (2000)

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