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Published: December 11, 2011

2011 Tomols Cross SB Channel Islands

Other Chumash tribal groups including the Barbareno Chumash Council and the Chumash Maritime Association have built tomol’s since the HELEK-tomol.  They have an annual tradition of making the 21 mile crossing to Limu Island (Santa Cruz), and they include women paddlers.

The Barbarenos Chumash Council of Santa Barbara has recently started making the crossing between Ventura and Santa Cruz Island 26 miles, back to our home. The crossing is done in our Tomol – a planked canoe 32 feet long. This vessel is tied together with native twine using no nail, ribs, or rivets. These journeys have brought our Chumash Community together in spirit and community. We are working together and we are healing ourselves and our community.

Water is in all things, water is ancient, its birth is in the stars. The Chumash understand that the water is in everything and is the force of life. Water is the communicator of life. Water is the most incredible essence in the Universe, respect it, protect it, and drink it.

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